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Lee Soon-ShinA human that became the god of war.An admiral from the Chosun Dynasty who came to be known the greatest tactician in naval warfare in the history of mankind. Defeat was never an option for him as he commanded his fleets. He was revered as the god of war as he devised the legendary Turtle Ships and even used his own death as a tactical tool. He only needed 12 ships to steer the tide of war; what fleet will the universe bestow upon him now? “You seem quiet. What are you thinking, Admiral?”   Yi Sun-sin took his time in responding, even to his deputy. He simply closed his eyes. The memories that flashed by were countless. From Myeongnyang to Hansan-do, and even Noryang. But where his memories stopped was always the same.   ‘General, it’s dangerous!’   Was there anything more foolish or lonely than fighting for a leader who didn’t believe in you? What would they do if they returned after delivering news of victory? It was obvious they would die after being accused of nonexistent sins. And so, Yi Sun-sin pushed his unarmored body forward, even though the bullets were raining down.   ‘General! You must return! We’ve already won! You must go back now!’   Would they be safe if he stayed alive? No, that wasn’t possible. The king, who couldn’t acknowledge subordinates who were superior to him, would most likely kill them as well. While saying that if he left him alone, he’d absolutely help him and become a traitor. Or say he would plot his revenge.   ‘It’s fine. Don’t worry about me.’ ‘General… Take this way instead…’ ‘If you wish to speak unfaithfully, just close that mouth.’ ‘But…’ ‘It’s fine.’   Yi Sun-sin didn’t see the future because his insight was incredible. It was a future as clear as day. He could guess by just looking back on how the king had acted until now. This is why there were some subordinates who asked why they didn’t actually commit the sin of treason when they were going to be accused of it. How would it turn out if he allowed that?   There’s no way to know.   Fights on land were only fought on land. And it was a meaningless assumption. As someone who was born subservient to the king, how could he dare to think of killing the king? Before Yi Sun-sin was a general, he was a noble scholar.   It’s also something that can’t happen when I think about the people.   It was impossible to trample on grassroots again when they had already been devastated by the long war, almost to the point of no return. And just to save his body? Wasn’t it a flimsy reason?   - Ugh   So he decided to die. Even a child could think that blind bullets would constantly fly towards the huge command ship, decorated without any intention of hiding it.   ‘Do not… Announce my death…’   Should he call it an end? Either way, the bullet pierced through his chest.   ‘General! General!’   The screams and cries of his subordinates hovered around his ears. That was expected.   -Ring   What he did not expect was this music.   “Pleased to meet you, god of war.”   Being brought to Stroke was also unexpected. Looking around, it was dark everywhere. He found out later that it was called the universe. But at that time, and now, it was the ocean to Yi Sun-sin. A black ocean.   Was there anything for Yi Sun-sin to fear, surrounded by the ocean?   “If you know me, you should know how to use me.” “I am simply a guide…” “Then I have nothing to say to you.” “Excuse me?” “Bring your master. If you wish to use me, use me with respect, and if not, you’ll have to kill me here.” “That…” “Are you… unaware that I can decide who is the master of that ocean for you?”   The guide’s eyes darted to and fro, but then they disappeared somewhere and came back with some being. This being roared with laughter after it listened again to what Yi Sun-sin had to say.   “Very well, how big of a fleet do you need?” asked the being. The voice was so loud it felt like it made the whole space vibrate. No, could it be called a voice? When this voice was a more remarkable memory to Yi Sun-sin, more than death, more than the experience of being brought here?   “I could decimate the enemy with just 12 ships, but… Do you know the saying, the more, the better?”   He considered his answer to be a lucky one, now that he thought about it. It was like the ocean was maybe giving him strength. Or that being allowed it. Either way, the guide’s eyes were nearly popping out of their skull.   “The more, the better, you say? You’re right. Alright, I’ll give you my fleet.”   He had thought of the ships that he knew of. But these were universe warships, as the being had called it. The guide didn’t forget the warning that it would take time to adjust. Looking at the results, that was an unfounded fear. No matter whether it was black or blue, whether it was in the sky or below it.   “In the end, isn’t it all the same ocean?” “Admiral?” “Oh, I was thinking of the past.”   Now Yi Sun-sin was traveling the black ocean, leading the fleet he was entrusted with.   “Enemies on the port side, sir!” “Don’t yell so loudly. It’s not like we didn’t know.” “Oh, yes, sir.” “They’re the last remnants, so they will be quite malicious. However…” “It’s as you’ve predicted, admiral!”   A wholly victorious admiral. That was a new way of describing Yi Sun-sin in this place. He had actually forced all others to their knees in front of him ever since he’d taken the helm. There were no exceptions.   “Fire!” “Fire!”   After making their siege and firing, the enemy ship was helpless. Things that once were the darlings of scientific experiments became a handful of ashes and were swimming in the sea.   “Congratulations, Admiral!”   The enemy was the master of another world. Making them fall was such an incredible achievement, one that couldn’t be explained with words. However, a calm Yi Sun-sin simply drew another slash on the wall. No, his eyes were looking out for another ocean, another world.   “Where to, next?”