If one can imagine it,BS (BEFORE STROKE)

Individual worlds that exist in their own singularities, SYLS. The SYL that we live in holds our universe, our Earth. Magic and dragons are commonplace in other SYLS while in some, ghosts and spirits might roam about. These countless SYLS have coexisted separate from one another. Referred to by some aware of its existence as the multiverse or a parallel universe, the worlds outside of ours had never overlapped or interfered. Until the ‘STROKE’, that is.


At one point in time, all SYLS began to resonate at once as if someone had strummed a cosmic harp. As for who or what had caused this first ‘STROKE’, as people began to call it, no one was sure. SYLS of Nordic myths, Korean folklore, fantasies, ancient mythologies and every other world imaginable began to resonate in unison. Inconceivably, SYLS began to overlap and manifest in other worlds. As time went by, more and more SYLS began to exist in the same space that people began to call SYLTARE. Every STROKE after the first meant more worlds were connecting and resonating as one. Who would win in a battle? General Lee Sun-Shin or Alexander the Great? What if Robin Hood had existed in a world with Pikachus? Build your own SYL-TARE with SYL CARDS as secrets of this new world await to be revealed.