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MirThe river of the sky, transformed from a small stream of water.Dragons appear in all cultures, but unlike how dragons are born as beings of absolute power, the Korean dragon—the mir—passes through a long period of development from a lowly being to a great one. So while the dragons of Western culture have become atargets of subjugation, the mir in Korea is worshipped as a guardian diety for all who dream of reaching great heights. It holds a cintamani in its mouth, a symbol of years and years of development. The mir lives in the Milky Way, and its roar symbolizes the vibrations and resonance of Syl. The dragon thought back. He thought back to the time when he wandered through a small stream He thought back to the time he nearly died from having stones unintentionally thrown at him by humans. ‘I carried a grudge back then.’ He thought about when he became an serpent, a serpent. Looking back on it, he did have some power, but it was also enough to make Heaven and Earth vibrate. The dragon hurt people with this power. Not that many, though. And he was sure there weren’t any good people among those he’d hurt. ‘I let go of my grudge then.’ Afterwards, he thought of it as such a relief. He learned that while some humans can hurt others without any guilt, other humans can help others without anything in return. But this was a long while after. ‘I watched them then.’ Why? Why did good humans do such things? Rather, there were those who paid it all back in evil. Why did humans repeatedly do good? ‘That time… Is a memory I cannot forget.’ He realized that it was something that held this world up in the end. Humans, good humans, acted that way without knowing this fact. And he realized they were just acting in the way of the world. At some point, he realized this world still existed thanks to those who did good. Enlightenment. The wait was long, but enlightenment happened in an instant. - Ahhhh Then, the sword between the serpent’s teeth turned into a cintamani. The water surrounding the serpent’s body shot up to the sky and created a hole in the sky. This turned into a geyser, becoming proof there was a dragon in this world. The serpent. He ascended to the heavens and became a dragon. “It’s the Milky Way!” Some called him the Milky Way. “There’s the aurora there.” Some called him the aurora. “Look, the clouds are wriggling.” Some people called him a cloud. "What if it's a dragon?" Very rarely, there were a few who recognized him. These people were the type who contemplated about themselves rather than the sky. There were mountain gods who did so, and there were goblins who led tribes on the decline. They were those who knew simple enlightenment wasn't some far-off thing; it was close by. In other words, they were sensible. 'It doesn't matter what they call me, but...' There was a saying that said people talked so much about Mount Tai that it was ground down. The dragon was that kind of being. But while Mount Tai didn't watch the humans from above, the dragon did. This was because his divinity originated from the humans. And of those humans, he couldn't take his eyes off of the good humans. The reason why was because they were unaware that the world, including himself, was in debt to them. ‘You’ll go through a trial. No, would it be a chance?' The dragon turned his head and heard the sound. It wasn't his sound. It was a sound he overheard from the mountain god he was watching over. Thankfully, there was a divine being in front of him for a moment. With his help, the mountain god wouldn't stray onto the wrong path. 'It would have been good if there was another path for you, too.' Now, the last remaining king of the mountain heard the sound. His roar from just beyond the space sounded like a moan. 'So the goblin went, too.' That one was brave and sensible, which was out of character for someone so young. He was sure this one would do well. -Ring Then, the dragon heard the sound, too. He could tell the difference. He knew this was his sound. "Welcome, Mir." Turning his slick head around, he could see a man standing there, dressed in white. The dragon could see a hint of the being beyond this man. "Hmm." It  was a powerful being, so he wasn't allowed to look for very long. But it was still okay. Since the dragon just tried to see their true nature. His beginnings were humble but for a creature who was enlightened with divinity, looking for someone's true nature was the easiest thing to do. "You are free here." "I see." The being beyond was good at its core. This platform's purpose wouldn't be that evil either. Was that why? The dragon looked reassured. He looked like that despite not knowing what he had to do here, who he would meet, or what he would go through. "Please remember that your choices have a cost." "That's how it should be." The dragon moved fearlessly even after the guide disappeared. But he did hesitate. 'Who will I have to help?' The being who made this happen was surely a good being. But even so, could all that happened here be good? That would be impossible. The dragon had seen too much history where evil deeds were committed as the result of good will. If someone who could mess things up was added to it, then the possibility that would happen grew exponentially. 'So there are those whom I have to worry about.' The dragon shot up into the air and looked down. He looked around in a fluster and something caught his eye. Where there should have been a pool of light, there was only darkness. But the dragon, the mir, could recognize the faint pool of light with his eye. 'So you're the child the dragon king spoke of from time to time.’ A righteous person. A righteous, but powerless, young girl. The mir started to fly over to Simchung, the cintamani glowing brilliantly in his mouth.